Discover what has made Dawn Whitelaw a successful artist for more than 50 years!
For the First Time Ever, Dawn Whitelaw Shares Her Landscape Painting Techniques in a Video Tutorial
Want to get better faster? Sometimes it’s a matter of a great teacher. In this case, a teacher who has taught many painting legends.
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Today, we’ll show you how to advance your skills in a way that works for you! 

We’ll help you get from where you are today to where you want to be without getting distracted, sidetracked, or tripped up.
Meet Dawn Whitelaw
If you’ve never seen Dawn Whitelaw’s work, you’re in for an incredible experience because in Sketchscapes: From Study to Studio, Dawn is going to show you exactly how to take what really interests you about a subject and turn it into a painting that reflects your own passion, your own story, and your own style.
Why You Need This Now
This instructional video is not some cookie-cutter step-by-step ... it's an in-depth tutorial from the woman who has trained some of America’s most well known artists. 

Dawn brings you 50 years of experience as an art mentor, workshop leader, and professional artist. 

She’s very generous at teaching many different learning styles so you can define yourself and evolve in your own way. 

Dawn is a master of landscapes and portraits, plein air and studio ... so whatever it is you prefer, she’s got you covered!

Her instruction is clear and concise, and you’ll immediately trust that "she’s been there, done that” and is just the right person to help you learn, grow, and truly feel like you’re making genuine progress.

This is exactly where you need to be for your confidence to soar — you’ll be more satisfied with your paintings, and you’ll be eager to show them off, enter them into competitions, and even to sell them.
Watch for the “Aha Moment”
Right at the start, Dawn will show you an exercise to get your creative juices flowing and then how to turn those ideas into an action plan. Suddenly, you’ll have an “aha” moment — the light will go on as you figure out something you probably didn't even know you needed.

Next, you’ll see her expert methods for creating your preliminary studies. You might be a little surprised, and delighted, to see how she does these “sketchscapes” and the value they’ll bring to your finished paintings!
...And It Just Keeps Getting Better!
After some great information and instruction, Dawn puts it all to work in a full painting demonstration — a studio painting done from her plein air study.

From showing you her signature limited four-color palette all the way to the final “untouches” of the painting (just wait until you see this!). 

With her decades of teaching, she shares every decision and step and how you can put the techniques to use in your own work. She wants you to find your own voice.

Dawn Whitelaw's "Mountain Mystique"

“It’s not about rendering every eyelash or tree limb, it’s about finding the character for your subject and presenting the essential information.” — Dawn Whitelaw
Here’s a bit more of what you’ll gain from this video:
  • ​Why a limited palette isn’t limiting at all
  • ​Sketchscapes — the secret to spontaneous, energetic painting
  • ​TWO common household items that could change everything for you!
  • ​Declare your intent! (Dawn explains the benefit!)
  • ​Paint without using medium — this you’ve got to see!
  • ​Exciting exercises to make you better.
  • ​Need to paint from a photo? No problem … here’s how
  • ​Canvas: To tone or not to tone, that is the question!
  • ​Lucky strokes — by chance … or by choice?
  • ​Don’t sweat the small stuff … or the big stuff!
  • ​The final “untouches” — you’ve probably never seen this!
  • ​Find the colors hiding on your palette (trust us, they’re there!)
  • ​In-depth interview with Dawn by art publisher Eric Rhoads
  • ​Digital gallery of some of Dawn’s most stunning artwork
  • ​And so much more!
A painter for over 50 years, Dawn believes that keeping things a little simpler will sustain your love of painting through the decades.

Best part? Dawn’s freshness and enthusiasm for painting will make you want to run to your studio and try out everything she shows you!
A Lot of Instruction … Not a Lot of Money!
This video is over four hours of crystal-clear instruction and a full painting demonstration from Dawn. From the time you hit the play button, you’ll be enamored with Dawn and everything she has for you.

Think about it — there are very few artists who have been painting successfully for more than 50 years! Just imagine how an artist and instructor with this kind of successful history can help you!

This level of instruction could cost you thousands of dollars if you go it alone, but adding this must-have video to your resource library isn’t going to cost nearly that much.

In fact, if you order now, you’ll pay just $127 — a $34 savings from the full retail price of $161. Such a great value for a video you’ll watch over and over as you progress in your skills.

Available on DVD or digital to view on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, order Sketchscapes: From Study to Studio with Dawn Whitelaw today!
"So well done! Beautiful inspiring work explained excellently!"
 - Jackie N.
"Through the years, I have attended more workshops and downloaded more art videos than any artist addict should admit to. "Sketchscapes" was my latest. Although I've heard instructive information many times, I found myself reaching for a pen to jot a new idea or think about a palette change. Dawn Whitelaw gives a gentle nudge to try another method and send your thought process in a different direction. I will watch this video many more enjoyable times."
- Blanche N.
" This video program illustrates that not only is Dawn Whitelaw a great artist she is also a very experienced and thoughtful teacher. In a pleasant manner she imparts many useful tips and techniques from working from small colour sketches to paint applications and as I already use a similar limited palette I found the advice on secondary colours of particular useful.To summarise I thoroughly enjoyed this video and have already implemented changes to my practices and i am sure that further viewings will yield even more gems."
- Frank E.
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 Retail: $161 
Today's Price: $127
SAVE: $34
Video Length:  4 Hours, 14 Minutes
P.S. Remember, your price is just $127 — a $34 savings from the full retail price of $161! You’re getting 50 years of painting experience from Dawn Whitelaw condensed into four hours of her best lessons!
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