Create Beautiful Landscape Paintings in Just a Few Hours 
For centuries … painters have been putting emotion and mood into their paintings.

Great painters have long since discovered that a painting cannot be just a representation of a scene.

A great painting needs to be a representation of a mood … the emotions the artist experienced in the place.

But how do you create mood and emotion? 

How do you make your paintings feel luminous?
Are You Ready to Master This Skill Yourself?
You have two choices as an artist…

You can be self-taught and spend countless hours of frustration, burning years of time. 

Or you can hire an experienced hand to guide you — overcoming years or even decades of frustration.

Which is why many of the most ambitious artists choose to learn directly from another artist to help them overcome years of experimentation.
Now You Can Learn Directly From Lori McNee, One of the World’s Best Landscape Painters
McNee has established herself as a world-renowned painter…

… as well as an internationally followed art blogger and social media influencer. 

Her paintings have been featured in prestigious galleries and museums throughout the United States.

They’ve also been featured in famous art publications

Now we have exciting news:

We managed to persuade Lori to come to our studios to show you…
A Proven Way to Paint Luminous Landscapes
It’s funny.

Just a few years ago, traditional oil painters might have looked down their noses at painters who used water-mixable oils. 

They even viewed those paints as “inferior.”

Yet nowadays?

Many of the best painters are using them.

More and more traditional oil painters are jumping on the “water-mixable bandwagon.” 

Heck, the quality of certain water-mixable oils is now so high, there are tons of advantages to using them over traditional oils.

Here are a few of those benefits:
  • They dry faster than oil paints so you can usually apply additional layers much sooner. (But don’t worry — they don’t dry as fast as acrylics. You still get time to manipulate the paint.)
  • They’re easy to clean with soap and warm water.
  • They don’t require solvents or toxic ingredients.
  • They’re more likely to maintain color integrity. In other words, they don’t dry lighter or darker than the way they look when applied.
  • They are great for travel when you can’t find solvent.
  • And you can even mix them with your traditional oil paints!
Lori is a certified Master Artist in Water-Mixable Oil Paints. But you don’t have to use them — this video training will show you how to paint landscapes using the paint of your choice.

You will be getting a world-class education when you learn her ways.

And it gets even better. 

This video will cost cost you just a fraction of what you’d pay for her in-person workshops. Plus, you don’t have to travel.

We filmed Lori’s entire painting process. 

In that time, she shows you how to paint a winter landscape…

And how to paint a summer one. 

You simply pick up your brush and paint along with Lori, following her brushstrokes and listening to her instructions. 

It’s a proven model for learning fast. Plus, unlike a workshop, you can rewind things you want to understand more deeply and watch again.

This new video is called:
Luminous Landscape Painting
with Water-Mixable Oils
Here’s a preview of the tips and techniques you’ll discover as you go through the training videos:
  • An easy way to bring shadows to life to make your paintings more pleasing
  • Local color: what it is and why it’s important
  • A great discipline for a landscape painter that most painters don’t have
  • Discover what Lori says the best painters have in common
  • What Lori likes to do a couple of days after finishing her paintings to make them even better
  • Do this to your twigs and foliage to improve your landscape painting 
  • How to soften the edges of the trees without losing your brushwork 
  • Lori’s take on creating the perfect painting 
  • Lori’s super tip for painting when traveling 
  • How and when to add more texture into the trees to make your painting more interesting 
  • The “Maynard Dixon technique” to give your painting the feel of the Old West
  • A simple way to separate good work from GREAT
  • A lesson in painting yummy clouds
  • How to keep your paintings from looking “fake”
  • The tool to make water shimmer
  • The little-known “molecular mix” that Lori believes makes water-mixable oils a “winner” over traditional oils
  • Traditional oil painters sometimes complain about water-mixable oils being “sticky.” Yet if you do this easy thing, the paint will be more creamy and smooth than a chocolate sundae!
  • Why you shouldn’t use oils on this certain type of paper
  • Plus tons of other tips and techniques we want to leave as a surprise!
And so you know: 

This isn’t all you get when you buy this video. 

You see, we often hold interviews with artists when they come to our studios to paint.

We then tend to give you these interviews as an “extra” when you purchase the training.

They are fascinating. 

And in this interview — which you get when you buy Lori McNee: Luminous Landscape Painting with Water-Mixable Oils — Lori gives you actionable tips to grow a social media following.

And as a result?

You’ll have a better chance of selling your work. Guaranteed. 


On top of giving you these ideas about how to market yourself, she lets you in on a secret that could see you get…

A Host of Potential Buyers Lining Up to Pay You
... Even for a Painting That Has Failed to Sell in the Past
Listen to this:

If one of her paintings isn’t selling, Lori goes and does something to it that often results in people becoming desperate to buy!

Just so you’re aware, this is not something you can fix in a heartbeat.

It’s not a magic “push button” solution.

It does require some work.

Yet if you do this? 

Then it’s possible to turn a “flop” into a popular piece of art that can put money in the bank.  

This one small piece of advice could pay for the cost of the entire training five, 10, or even 20 times over — depending on what you can sell your painting for, of course.  

Though if you’d rather keep this as a hobby… 

and if you’d rather stay away from social media… 

then don’t worry — there’s still a feast of value in the interview for you to benefit from.

For example, you learn what you need to be thinking about when “designing” your painting...

...which is vital, especially when painting a landscape. 

You also discover what Lori does to give her perspective on her painting.

For the record, the price of this training is just
Retail Price: $161
Your price today: $127
And, if you don’t want to wait for the postman…

and you instead want to get immediate access to your training…

You can choose to order the digital version instead...

…giving you access to Lori McNee’s amazing tips, techniques, and secrets right away, TODAY.

You, the Landscape Painter
If you would love to paint nature in all its glory…

If you would love to amaze your friends, family, and other artists with your beautiful landscapes…

If you would love to follow in the footsteps of great landscape painters

Then take the second option.

Learn how to paint incredible summer and winter landscapes without attending a single workshop, art class, or retreat.
Your friends,
The Liliedahl Team

P.S. Right now, you can get your copy of Lori McNee: Luminous Landscape Painting with Water-Mixable Oils at a huge discount and try it RISK-FREE. 

Your viewers will look upon your landscape paintings in awe. 

So whether you’ve never painted before and are simply looking to get started…

Whether you’re a hobbyist looking to take your skills as an artist to a whole new level…

Or whether you want to create masterpieces that can sell for money…


There’s ZERO risk. If you don’t absolutely love what you learn from this exclusive training, we’ll refund your entire payment. 

Are you ready to get started? 
100% Ironclad Money-Back Guarantee 
With our 100% money-back guarantee, there’s no risk whatsoever. If for any reason you open it, watch it, and don’t feel you got enough out of it to make it worth your investment, let us know and we’ll refund all of your money. No games. No pressure. We do this because we want happy customers.
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