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Before Debra Joy Groesser got into painting full time, she was in real estate.

It’s not like it was her first choice. Art was always her number one.

But she took a detour into that industry to help her then-husband, who had a building company, sell his homes.

And so her art was put on the back burner.

During that time, she missed art and painting terribly, so, to remind herself she was an artist first…

She used the password “artist” to log in to her computer (she doesn’t use it now, by the way).

So every time she logged in, she was reminding herself that the real estate job was just temporary, and that she was really an artist.

Little did she know that simple password, and the act of constantly reminding herself who she wanted to be, would change the entire trajectory of her future!

One day, she decided to call it a day in real estate and pursue art full time…

Fast-forward to today...

The Nebraska artist is now best-known for her impressionistic landscape paintings — particularly her plein air work.

She went even further...

Not only is Debra Joy the CEO and president of the American Impressionist Society...

She’s also a Master Signature member of Plein Air Artists Colorado, a Signature member of Laguna Plein Air Painters Association and American Plains Artists, and an elected artist member of Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters and the Salmagundi Club in New York. 

Her work has been featured in several national art publications, including Art of the West (March 2018), American Art Collector (May 2010), Southwest Art, and a feature article in PleinAir Magazine (November 2014).  

She was a finalist in Southwest Art Magazine’s 2012 Artistic Excellence competition, and was a faculty member for the 2014, 2015, 2018, and 2020 Plein Air Conventions.

On top of all that, she owns her own gallery in her hometown of Ralston, Nebraska, where she’s also the “First Lady”! 

(Her husband, Don, serves as mayor of the city, 24 years and counting!)

Wow. I’m telling you, she’s definitely one to watch for!

And guess what?

Debra Joy is sharing all of the painting insights and wisdom she’s learned throughout her journey in a brand new course called:
Understanding the Effects of Light
In this course, you’ll get in-depth instruction on how to express the essence or spirit of your subject through light, color, and value...

Giving you even more insights on how to turn a “normal” painting into a piece worthy of forum discussions.

You’ll also discover:
  • ​The five types of light, and how they affect color and atmosphere in the landscape
  • ​How to accurately portray value, color, and atmosphere
  • ​The various elements of a landscape painting
This is a complete oil painting workshop, starting from basic concepts all the way to the finished painting. 

You’ll get to follow Debra Joy every step of the way, in high-quality video so you won’t miss a single brushstroke!

As she demonstrates a painting called Late Day Reverie, Narada Lake, you’re going to learn all about:
  • How to paint various landscape elements (water, trees, marsh, light and shadow, values, reflections)
  • ​How to paint the different shades of green in a landscape...
  • ​How light influences color in the landscape…
  • ​How to tackle complicated landscape composition...
  • ​What commonly overlooked pitfalls to avoid when composing your painting…
  • ​Vital elements of landscape painting...
  • ​Plus: advanced instruction on how to create depth through atmospheric perspective
She’s also going to reveal key techniques, like how to choose your composition, how to use masses and simple shapes, creating value planes in the landscape, and how to create atmospheric perspective through color, value, and texture.

She’s not going to stop there…

You’ll also learn how to accurately portray color and value, techniques on water reflections, and painting the effects of light — pushing your skills as an artist to even higher levels.

In case you’re wondering, this master class is perfect for anyone (beginner, intermediate, and advanced painters) who wants to understand how light influences color in the landscape and the elements of landscape painting.

Debra Joy is a remarkable and accomplished artist herself, and she’s an amazing teacher.

One of her students left this nice testimonial for her:
“You are an amazing artist, and I am so lucky that you had room for me to be in your class. I learned sooooo much! And I believe you were the perfect teacher to introduce me to oils, as well as plein air. I feel so fortunate to have met you. Thank you for your patience and compassion and especially your talent that you shared with me. Thank you!”
So if you’re looking for a fantastic instructor to teach you all about the effects of light, look no further.
"Late Day Reverie, Narada Lake" by Debra Joy Groesser
Here’s what’s inside:
How Light Influences Color & Atmosphere
You’ll get to watch Debra Joy as she uses a series of photos, plein air studies, and paintings to illustrate her techniques. 

She’s going to review the importance of painting from life, and how to understand the differences between life and photographs.

You’ll be surprised at how much you’re missing if you only use photos! 
The Five Types of Light
You’ll discover the five different types of light, and how to produce each type to create the scene you want. 

I think you’ll find this section extremely insightful, as you can create totally different atmospheres by understanding lighting conditions, the time of day, and the weather.
Key Elements of Landscape Painting
Debra Joy is going to list the key elements not only for landscape painting, but any other subject.

Then she’s going to jump into a more in-depth review of the two most important elements in landscape painting: composition and value.
On Choosing Your Subject
In this section, Debra Joy will use a series of photos, sketches, and paintings to illustrate how she chooses her subjects. 

There will also be a mini-presentation with visual notes to guide you as she reviews motifs, thumbnail sketches, and notans!
Debra Joy’s 5-Step Painting Demonstration
This is where things get exciting … Debra Joy is going to show you how to figure out the composition for your painting in just four minutes.

You’ll learn amazing insights on how to keep it simple and fast.

You’ll also discover how not to be intimidated by the white of your canvas, and how the right color choice at the start could make a huge difference in your painting.

She’ll also reveal her “roadmap method” for drawing in the scene. Plus, you’ll learn how to block in shadow shapes and lights.

Then you’ll see how she develops the painting, and how to keep the shape by adjusting the color or temperature within … and finally, you’ll get to see how she finishes her painting (her advice on how to know when you’re done is golden).
What’s exciting about Understanding the Effects of Light:
  • ​Discover the five types of light that influence color and atmosphere
  • ​How to paint various landscape elements (water, trees, marsh, atmospheric perspective, light and shadow, values, reflections)
  • ​How to tackle complicated landscape composition
  • ​The two most important elements of landscape painting
  • ​How “painting blind” can help you create a better painting
  • ​Common pitfalls to avoid when choosing your subjects
  • ​The ONE element of painting you MUST get right
  • ​Debra Joy’s four-minute composition “trick”
  • ​How a white canvas can throw you off, and what to do about it
  • ​The “roadmap method” for drawing in the scene
  • ​How to simplify your painting (and reduce wrinkles around your eyes)
  • ​Key lessons on how atmospheric perspective alters color and value
  • ​The exact tool that will make mixing greens far easier
  • ​How to avoid making muddy colors
  • ​The secret to guiding viewers to your focal point
  • ​How to paint the different shades of green in a landscape...
  • ​PLUS: An interview with Debra Joy (amazing insights!)
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