Create Beautiful Poetic Portraits Glowing With Color And Flowing With Flair
Gabriela Gonzalez Dellosso shows you how to paint portraits with poetic styling
Dear Artist,
A beautiful smile, a gleam in an eye, an expressive gesture, a swirl of hair, a glowing cheek…

Think of these portrait elements as passages in a poem or notes in a song. Then discover new joy as you compose them and find new opportunities that will thrill your viewers.
Because every portrait comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities, you can benefit from Gabriela Gonzalez Dellosso’s expert instruction techniques. She’ll help you overcome the challenges and embrace the opportunities. Without this level of guidance, your portraits could languish far from the goals you have set for them.
Creating a Narrative Portrait
In this video, you’ll see how using Gabriela’s painting process can develop and tell the story of the subject. Discover, in your own voice, how you can achieve the likeness, mood, and facial character that make your subject, and your paintings, unique. You’ll realize when painting from life, that life is at the core of making a great painting.
Think in 3D on a 2D Surface
Gabriela teaches you how to approach a portrait as a three-dimensional form. The challenge and excitement come when you discover how to create the illusion of three-dimensional volume on a two-dimensional surface. She shows you exactly how to mold and sculpt the human head with all its subtleties. Her instructional approach is straightforward and direct, very easy to follow, and so beneficial, whether you are aspiring or already at a professional level on your artistic journey.
Layers and Sculpting
Ever wonder how the masters got the luminous skin tones and those subtle patterns of light and dark on their portrait subjects? Not easy. But Gabriela has mastered techniques that bring it all into focus. Her secret: layering. Others sometimes refer to glazing, which is similar but a bit different. Gabriela builds up patterns of light from shadows and pushes down details in highlights to achieve just the right balance. The results are exactly what you, as a portrait painter, are looking for.
Here’s Somebody Who Knows How to Celebrate Color
Gabriela loves color. Lots of it. Her palette is full of rich, exciting colors that she mixes with her magical powers to find just the right hue and value every time. Although some painters enjoy the challenge of mixing a full spectrum from the primaries, Gabriela has expanded her world of palette pigments to include the basics plus many more. If you love color as much as Gabriela does, you’re in for a big treat when you watch this video!
Problem Solving
If portrait painting were problem-free, it wouldn’t be so challenging — or so rewarding! And surely you’ve experienced the problems that can arise when you’re in the process of creating a beautiful portrait. Are proportions correct? Are values correct? Have I mixed the right color for my shadows? And most of all, have I captured the character of my subject in the pose? Gabriela shows you how to anticipate problems and then confidently determine a solution. It’s all part of an approach that will help you become the portrait painter you wish to be.
“Perseverance in All Things”
This is one piece of advice Gabriela emphasizes over and over. In this context, she says, “You have to battle for your painting.” For you, that can be a battle of joy as you design, shape, and polish your portraits.

Follow along as Gabriela demonstrates all the stages, step by step, as she paints the beautiful and poetic portrait Alyssa. Her willingness to adjust and correct along the way will inspire you to take on this special mindset of “perseverance in all things” as you tackle your next portrait.
You’ll Love Gabriela Gonzalez Dellosso’s Teaching Style
Gabriela’s teaching manner is straightforward and will allow you to easily follow along as she demonstrates her mastery. From years of leading classes and workshops, she has honed her teaching skills to the benefit of every student at every skill level. Her experience as a teacher truly separates her from so many of her contemporaries. 

Gabriela is a fine artist who specializes in narrative interpretive realism. Her themes beautifully blend the human figure with her love of (and expertise in) storytelling. This combination offers her viewers a unique cultural statement, and offers you the opportunity to discover ways to craft your own important stories within a striking portrait painting. 

Gabriela received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan and her work can be found in many notable private and museum collections. Her work has been published in The New York Times, Fine Art Connoisseur, Artnews, and many other publications. Gabriela is represented by the Harmon-Meek Gallery in Naples, Florida, and she teaches painting and drawing at the New York School for the Arts, NYC, and the JCC of Manhattan. 
“Connect and Correct”
This is one of Garbriela’s constant mantras. It means that to achieve a poetic rhythm, you should constantly work to connect the flow of shapes and elements within your painting. In this video, she shows you what an amazing difference it makes when you practice this technique. See how shadows connect to each other, how highlights flow from one area to another. This idea of “correction” is not about correcting mistakes, but enhancing a lyrical, poetic feel you can get no other way. Your result will be much higher quality paintings.
Taking a Fresh Look With a Fresh Eye
In this video, you’ll see Gabriela do something you may never have seen any other artist do. It’s so different, and you’ll want to try it yourself with your next painting. What is this unique method? She comes back to finish a painting about one month after she first created it … surprising, isn’t it?

She explains the importance of looking at your work with a fresh eye. As you are painting, you become attached to the decisions you make. But after a period of time, you can return with new objectivity and immediately see ways to enhance and improve a painting. In this case, Gabriela transforms her demo portrait into a more masterful work as she returns to the easel with clearer thinking. Fully understanding and applying this method alone makes this video a must-have addition to your resource library. 
Here are some ways this video will help you:
  • ​Move from old 2D thinking to new 3D thinking — really cool!
  • ​“Connect and Correct” — the key to poetic flow in your portraits
  • ​Tone your canvas before painting (Gabriela spells out the benefits for you)
  • ​Background or foreground subject, where to start? 
  • ​Why lots of palette colors make lots of sense!
  • ​Emphasizing and subduing, a real balancing act
  • ​Perseverance rules the day, every day!
  • ​Painting from photos vs. painting from life … which comes first?
  • ​Layering or glazing? What’s the difference?
  • ​Why walking away from your painting will bring you closer to the truth
  • ​Problem-solving for every portrait painter
  • ​Go to battle for your painting … and win!
  • ​“It’s not about the nostril” … find out why
  • ​Relationships, relationships, relationships
  • ​Projecting your feelings in your painting — who could ask for more?
  • ​Use this to draw and change things forever!
  • ​“Scumbling”… what is it, and how do you do it? (Here’s the answer!)
  • ​See volume in a subject and then paint it — just magical!
  • And, much, much more
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