Avoid Being Timid and Shy!
How to Be Fearless and Paint With Freedom, Energy, and Expressiveness!
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Look back at history.
Was John Singer Sargent timid or bold?

Was Joaquín Sorolla shy or expressive?

Was Berthe Morisot gentle or wildly impressionistic?
History isn’t kind to people who paint blandly and fit in.
No one wants their work to blend in with the masses.

Those who stand out have an impressive level of confidence about them, and it’s no surprise that some of the artists we know crave attention and applause.

That’s how their art stands out. It demands attention. 

You can immediately “feel” this the second you set eyes on their artwork. It’s almost as if the painting itself is screaming, “LOOK AND PAY ATTENTION!”

And that’s because the greatest painters of all time were FEARLESS! 

Now you can be too!

There is nothing more exciting than seeing an average painter come alive with bold brushwork, thick paint, and vibrant color. 

What you’ll discover today is how to paint without judgment and be absolutely fearless.

You see, most painters deeply desire to paint freely and confidently.

But it’s not easy. Painting skills can be improved over decades, but doubt and lacking confidence show up way too often. They never seem to go away. Doubts hold you back and make you question every brushstroke.

This will eventually zap the energy out of you. And what ends up on your canvas is not what you had in mind.

Instead of the artwork being joyful or powerful, it falls flat. Lifeless. Unnoticeable. You can change that today.

When a person walks into a room, you can tell if they’re filled with confidence or doubt. It's the same with painting. When someone walks into a museum or a gallery, they can see that confidence in the paintings. (Rarely do “timid” paintings get purchased by museums.)

So, which do you want to be? Timid or fearless? 

Which brings us to our latest video:
Introducing No Fear Oil Painting: A Guide to Creative Brush Handling.
Finally, you’re about to discover exactly how to have absolute freedom in your painting and paint without any feelings of doubt. 

You’ll discover what it takes to be a fearless painter — an artist who dares to show their most vulnerable self without any fear of judgment.

These skills will not only help you produce even better artwork, you’ll also start feeling better about yourself!
Meet Lyn Boyer, Your Guide to No Fear Painting
We think Lyn Boyer is one of those standout painters whose work will jump out on the walls of museums. But she wasn’t always this way. She spent decades stuck among the timid, doing what others have always done. 

In fact, Lyn had to fight her own instincts so she could break out of the mold of the average painter. Sure, she was good. Actually, she was great! 

But she did not just want to be great. She wanted her work to jump out, and she wanted the personal satisfaction of exceptional work. 

She was so driven to find a way to escape the timid and the average that she doesn’t want any painter to ever suffer like she did. 

So she has developed a teaching system to make you rise up from the ashes and lose all your fears as a painter.
We like rule-breakers because they change the world. Lyn Boyer will help you change YOUR world.
No Fear Oil Painting is Lyn Boyer’s first ever instructional video, and she has packed it with fear-removing techniques to help you move away from being timid.
A Unique Approach to Fearless Painting

What makes this video so different is that she’s taking a completely unique approach, one no other artist in our repertoire offers.

She has partnered with traditional and contemporary musician Dave Curley to produce music that unlocks an artist’s expressive freedom.

This never-experienced-before instructional video is designed to destroy your fears around painting. 

We promise that as you watch and paint with Lyn, you’ll get a sense of energy building up within you. 

You’re going to feel an aura of power, helping you be more expressive with your brushstrokes.

This is one video you have to experience to know what we’re talking about. You simply can’t get this anywhere else. 

Lyn’s ultimate goal for this video is to help oil painters reach new levels of freedom, power, and expression.

You’ll get to explore creative brush handling ... the use of innovative and invented tools for mark-making … and much, much more.

The best part is that you can start using them immediately, regardless of your skill level! 
Inside No Fear Oil Painting, Lyn will show you:
  • ​The concepts, skills, and brush handling needed to approach the canvas with the confidence that leads to expressive painting
  • ​How to carefully choose and have full command of your art materials
  • ​How to expand your brush vocabulary by mastering the nuances of brush handling
  • ​How to use new tools and bring energy and excitement to your mark-making
  • ​A demo of the painting The Froggers, along with brush-handling exercises taught in concert with Dave’s rhythmic interpretations
Lyn will also show you techniques such as:
  • ​How to use a variety of brushes and mark-making tools to push the boundaries of your expression
  • ​The complete methodology for creating a successful painting start to finish
  • ​When and how to add mediums
  • ​How to build your surface by applying and removing paint
  • ​How to properly mix your paints and load your brushes for different effects
  • ​Plus much more!
Of course, that’s not all…

Here’s what else you’ll discover inside No Fear Oil Painting:
The Art of Brush Handling
There’s no lack of instruction about how to mix paint, judge values, composition, etc. However, one of the most critical aspects of painting is commonly overlooked. 

According to Lyn, the nuance, the artistry, the “magic” ... actually comes from the time period between when the paint is loaded onto the brush and when it comes off the brush and onto the canvas. That is where your strokes begin to have expression.

Lyn also says your brushes are akin to the breadth and artistry of a violinist’s bow being drawn across the strings as the musician colors the notes in infinite ways. This is one lesson you don’t want to … brush aside. ;)
"The Froggers" by Lyn Boyer
NO FEAR Oil Painting™
This is Lyn’s core teaching philosophy. In her video she’s going to focus on creative brush handling to give you the skills needed to be more expressive with your art. 

You’ll also, maybe for the first time ever, experience painting combined with music and rhythm exercises. These are tools used to facilitate your mastery of the brush!

The primary goal here is to make sure you have absolutely nothing holding your brushstrokes back. It’s the subconscious fears you need to get rid of. 

Lyn will share methods on how to have the courage of a lion when it comes to painting. By the end of this video, you’re going to discover a LOT about yourself.
Complete Freedom of Expression
Maybe you’re struggling to approach your canvas with total freedom and confidence, but remember that it’s NOT a failure. Getting to that point is not magic — it’s going to take a couple of shots before you hit the bullseye. 

What Lyn will share with you are skills, frameworks, mindset shifts so you’ll have more and better arrows in your quiver!

When you have complete freedom of expression, there’s really nothing holding you back from being truly expressive. You’ll destroy all feelings of doubt — especially the nasty “imposter syndrome.”

You may think painting is simply about having the right techniques, but there’s more to it than that. Sometimes, the journey toward creating memorable art that evokes intense feelings requires one to look deep inside one’s soul. 

This is exactly what Lyn will help you with.
Bonus Music Video!
This unique training video includes a music video of Dave Curley performing his original composition “Querrin, Co. Clare,” based on a poem by Marty O’Keefe. This video was filmed for No Fear Oil Painting at the world-famous Artist’s Cabin in Austin, Texas, and it’s a perfect companion piece for the painting The Froggers.

The additional music Dave recorded for the project will inspire your painting practice as you listen for the many concepts common to both art forms — rhythm, harmony, melodic line, composition, keys, and more.
What’s exciting about the No Fear Oil Painting course:
  • The “mindset shift” that many artists are missing, and how a simple reframe could speed up your progress
  • Lyn Boyer’s proprietary “No Fear” approach to oil painting 
  • How to master the brush and be more expressive with your paintings
  • ​The weird reason Lyn chooses uncomfortable brushes
  • ​Lyn’s liberating “Cave Artists” mindset
  • ​The underlying factor most artists overlook when handling the brush
  • ​Why overpainting is perfectly fine
  • ​Explanation of Lyn’s mantra: “Don’t pet the kitty”
  • ​The single most important element that will transform you into a fearless artist
  • ​How to use rhythms, sound, and music to overcome your biggest “progress blockers”
  • ​Specific exercises to expand your current artistic vocabulary
  • ​How to not be afraid of failure
  • ​How to create paintings with energy that retain the “ring of truth”
  • ​How to use new tools that bring energy and excitement to your mark-making
  • ​Plus much, much more!
Become a Fearless Oil Painter!
This video is not specific to any type of painting — it’s for every artist who wishes to improve their brush handling by advancing their skill, increasing their confidence, and having the freedom to experiment in order to bring more power and expression to their work.

This is your chance to experience Lyn Boyer’s unique approach to painting and you don’t want to miss one minute of the action!

After going through Lyn’s course, we’re confident you’re going to be absolutely fearless with your paintings. No more obstacles holding you back from being the best artist you can be.

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